Episode 9

Episode 9: Choosing Your Public Health Career Journey. Interview with Dr. Heather Krasna

There are vast options for public health careers, and you don't have to choose just one adventure. Join us in this episode as we speak to Dr. Heather Krasna, Asst. Dean of Career Services at Columbia SPH and we discuss the various career sectors and options for public health, and how where you start is not necessary the topic that your next career will cover!

Dr. Krasna shares her career journey from career services into focusing in directly on public health career guidance and development.

Dr. Krasna also shares the story of the book she co-authors on 101+ Careers in Public Health.

We also discuss the all-encompassing aspect of career choices and how we connect this to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, into finding a career that allows you to shine.

Reference Links:

101+ Careers in Public Health, 3rd Edition by Beth Seltzer and Heather Krasna

101+ Careers in Public Health, Third Edition by Beth Seltzer MD MPH and Heather Krasna MS EdM (now PhD)

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